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This page is dedicated to everything that I know about the Sega Games entitled
Zillion and Zillion II: The Tri-Formation.
Contained herein are all the tips, secrets, and maps that I have collected or discovered over the years. The actual games and a link to the best Sega emulater to run them on a PC can be found here as well.

A very long time ago I got my first gaming system. It was called Intellivision and when it came out it was in competition with Atari. Years later came the Nintendo and Sega wars.....and it seemed that Nintendo was winning.....always one for the underdog I was given a Sega Master System. I spent many countless hours of my childhood playing that system, and my 3 most favorite games for it had to be Phantasy Star, and the 2 Zillion Games. Seeing as how there is already a good Phantasy Star page I decided to do this.....enjoy!

Zillion 1

Zillion 1 Map
I mapped out the entire game on sheets of graph paper many years ago, but here, thanks to The Sega Notebook I can give you this map which is 100 times better.

Map Key

Level-Up Rooms (Opa-Opas, 'O' on map)

(A,6)-2, (B,1), (C,4), (D,2), (D,3), (E,6), (G,6), (G,7), (I,2), (I,8)-2, (J,2)-2, (K,2)-2, (K,7), (L,2)-2, (L,5), (M,7), (N,2), (O,3), (O,7), (P,3)

Zillion Rooms (Gun upgrade, 'G' on map)

(A,6), (I,2), (K,6), (L,3), (N,2), (N,7)

Floppy Rooms ('F'on map)

(D,2), (F,5), (I,2), (J,4), (N,6)

Scope Rooms (for seeing infra-red beams, 'S' on map)

(A,8), (H,5), (K,7), (L,7)


Apple ('A' on map) : (E,5)
Champ ('C' on map) : (K,6)

Important Rooms

Red ID card ('R' on map) : (M,7)
Main computer (J,6)

The Dragon

After you input "explode" into the main computer, you will have to fight a dragon in the "Black Room." Hit it in the mouth 20 times. Afterwards, if you cancel the explosion and then re-input "explode", you will have more time to escape since you will not fight the dragon the second time.

Zillion Special Room Messages

(D,2) (Suicide) You have a keen intellectual appetite
(E,2) (Explode) The 1st room from the left on the 2nd floor is a hidden room
(G,4) (Suicide) Hit 8 times somewhere on the right-hand wall of the 3rd room from the right on the top floor
(H,5) (Explode) The right-hand wall of the 2nd room from the left on the bottom floor can be destroyed
(I,6) (Explode) Input "suicide" into the computer in the room 4th from the left and 7th from the top
(I,8) (Suicide) Think it over again
(N,6) (Explode) The command "explode" is applicable only for the main computer


Go to room (C,3), open the doors, and go in the elevator. On the elevator, position yourself half and half between the bottom of the screen, while standing in the laser barrier. As soon as your life meter hits zero, push down on the d-pad. You will fall through the floor and J.J. will be invincible. You will not, however, be able to pause the game. Switching to Apple or Champ isn't a good idea when you rescue them either for Apple won't have a level 3 zillion gun, and Champ can't jump worth beans at first.

Zillion II Box Cover

The Main Bosses
Zillion II Bosses

The End
Zillion II Ending

I have yet to find any cheats for this game.

The Zillion games for sega were based on a cartoon in Japan I'm assuming, for years after playing the games they released 5 anime cartoons about Zillion they were each about $15, and 30 min long. A special came soon after that was around $25 and ran about 45min. I'll post where you can obtain the movies as soon as I find a spot on the web, or find where you can send for a catalogue, but for now I'll give you some proof that they exist.

It is the Year 2387. Mankinds most successful off-world colony is the planet Maris. A world so Earth-like that many call it Earth II. But the Marisians are in danger...The Noza, a savage warrior race from a distant star system, have embarked upon a campaign of galactic domination and enslavement and Maris is their next target. The colonists only hope for salvation is the Zillion Weapons System, 3 guns of unknown origin energized by a mysterious substance which cannot be analyzed or reproduced, and is therefore irreplaceable. But one thing is certain the molecular disruption beam of the Zillion Gun is far more powerful than any weapon devised by man. The 3 marisians who will use the zillion guns are an elite fighting force called the White Knights.

Group Photo

Episode 1: They Call Me J.J.
Episode 2: Hang Fire
Episode 3: Split-Second Chance
Episode 4: Target, The White Knights
Episode 5: Jusgement Call
Special: Burning Night

One of the things that I find the coolest is that Sega designed their Light-phaser after the Zillion Weapon System......:)
Go to The Sega Notebook for a good pic of the gun.

While I still have the box and everything for the old Sega Master System I am somehow missing both controllers. If you know where I could obtain 2 of them I would be really grateful....even if you'd sell them to me.

Also, although I do own Zillion and Phantasy Star I have the Roms Only...:(
If you have the box, or the book to the game I would readily buy those off of you as well.....just buy the whole thing, rom e-mail link can be found at the bottom of my page....use the last one

This page was made possible because of the following things.....

A great Sega Emulator called Massage
The first Sega Emulation Site I found called Emulation Camp
A handy little editor for pics smspcx.exe
Another REALLY good Sega Master System site if you're Stuck The Sega Notebook
And all of my fond memories of playing Sega in my basement when I was a kid.

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